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Hello! launched many years ago. Like 2003. Wow. At that time, WordPress was a baby and I was a journalist, producer, and spokesperson who was an early digital “pioneer” and sourced the best (at the time) CMS (content management system) for Well, my intrepid IT wizard had to do some fancy workaround to export the years of content since that CMS company is long gone. Great work Mike!


Since then, I have produced a great deal of premium content and grown audiences for networks, studios, organizations, hospitality companies, universities, media companies, and brands across all platforms; and, my own brands and organizations. This is a classic case of “the cobbler’s children have no shoes.” So, I am becoming my own client and relaunching with fresh content along with the archived the content created over the years including many interviews with incredibly interesting people: from world leaders to citizens to celebrities, leaders, innovators and artists.


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I'm the CEO & Executive Producer of OnChain Media+Entertainment


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In the meantime, kick back a bit. Stand barefoot on the earth, exhale, and imbibe. I miss you!